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Gervasi Ecologica manufactures a wide range of performing and reliable transport solutions, designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and technology and addressed to the world of ecology, metal scraps recycling and construction industry.

The production of tipping and hooklift bodies, trailers and semitrailers is the result of more than 40 years of experience and tireless research of quality and continuous improvement.


Moving Floor Semitrailer

Skyler is the first Italian moving floor semitrailer made in steel.

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Tipper Semi-trailers

Metal scraps transport, hauling of waste and other materials for recycling. Volumes from 30 mc to 90 mc, tare from 60 q.

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Semi-trailers with crane

Metal scraps transport with crane

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Hook-Lift and Tippers

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Tipping bodies

Equipment for light, medium and heavy vehicles with sideboards suitable for metal scraps transport and hauling of building materials.

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Hook-lift bodies

Installation of equipment and manufacturing of bodyworks with hooks for medium and heavy vehicles.

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Special bodies

Trailers, semi-trailers and equipments for special purposes

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Learn more about our models

CANGURO  is the revolutionary semi-trailer which, beginning 80s, offered the first made-to-measure solution to transport and handle ferrous and non-ferrous metals and steel scrap.
Still nowadays, after 35 years of history and many attempts at imitation, CANGURO remains a successful solution not only to manage metal scrap, but also glass, tyres (ELT), waste and many different kinds of materials.
The original goose-neck chassis is designed  to provide the lowest loading bed of the category.
The tipping body , made in hard-wearing steel, is designed with the maximum attention to every single detail, offering a large possibility of customization to each client.
The special two lateral cylinders assure the maximum stability during the tipping, permitting to work safely in the crucial process of dumping.
This particular solution with two lateral cylinders currently represents for ecology and steel and metal industry a unique proposition which only Gervasi Ecologica boasts in its production: a demonstration of the great attention the company pays to safety and to the continuous research of innovative solutions to support at best its customers’ work.
The great reliability and the superior residual value which the market recognises to CANGURO semitrailers prove once more that choosing the excellence means also choosing cost-effectively.
CANGURO, RELIABILITY proven by history, EXCELLENCE built in every detail.

COBRA is the tipping extra-light semitrailer that Gervasi Ecologica designed to satisfy at best two essential needs, somehow contradictory each other: solidity and light-weight.
COBRA design and technology are studied and fine-tuned to optimize this ratio, keeping as much low as possible the unladen weight in order to transport and handle heavy bulks without renouncing to solidity and robustness.
As for all the production, the semitrailer body in hard-wearing steel is entirely designed and manufactured in-house to assure the highest standard of quality and attention to details.
COBRA straight loading bed enables to transport bulks and pallets, while the presence of the internal design team makes available a wide customization, a flexibility which results in a higher profitability of the travels and efficiency of the work.
The payload maximization and the versatility of the body, combined with the quality, reliability and attention to details which GERVASI proudly has been assuring for 40 years to all the clients, make COBRA an ideal solution for the transport of metal scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous), iron, copper, metals, glass, tyres (ELT), waste, biomasses and other materials for recycling
COBRA, ULTRA-LIGHT SOLIDITY of latest generation.

MAXI TIGER is the tipping semitrailer designed by Gervasi Ecologica to transport up to 86 mc of goods. The highest capacity in its category.
A solution which increases travels profitability, with positive effects also in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.
To lift such massive volumes in safe and steady conditions, a team of experts has conceived and perfected a special tipping system by means of two lateral cylinders: an important step along the path to a superior safety of the tipping operations.
The simultaneous action of the two cylinders balances at best the vehicle body during the crucial process of tipping, particularly when the balance can be less steady because the surface is not perfectly firm and even and/or the body size and volume of are extremely big (as in this case).
This particular solution currently represents for Ecology and Iron & Steel sectors a unique and non-imitated proposition which only Gervasi Ecologica boasts in its production.
MAXI TIGER semitrailers are successfully employed to transport metal scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous), steel scrap, iron, copper, metals, glass, tyres (ELT), waste, biomasses and other crude materials for recycling.

MAXI TIGER, superior CAPACITY in complete SAFETY.

Skyler is the exclusive moving floor semitrailer 100% steel manufactured by Gervasi Ecologica.

Skyler chassis is made in high resistance steel while body is in special wear-resistant steel HB450, reinforced by posts and beams to remain solid and upright even after many years of heavy work, hits and shocks.

The body floor, equipped with 9 sliding slats in steel to guarantee solidity and durability, is slightly sloped to facilitate the unloading: a barely visible but genial detail.

Design is original and unique as well (registered). We will be able to identify Skyler on the roads simply by watching its body shape, slightly lowering at the end in order to enclose the rear unloading slope.
An exclusive design detail which demonstrates once more Gervasi Ecologica strives to 360-degree excellence.

With Skyler, Transport and Recycling have a new and additional solution, suitable to combine all the versatility and features of a moving floor semitrailer, with the solidity and durability of steel.