Skyler, walking foor semi-trailer 100% steel

Skyler is the first Italian semitrailer 100% steel, with horizontal unloading system.

An extraordinary news for Transport and Recycling sectors and an innovative solution which completes Gervasi Ecologica portfolio of semitrailers.
Gervasi Ecologica, Italian excellence in steel semitrailers production, has always been focused on tipper solutions, perfected and equipped with specific safety systems, but not suitable for everyone because of the particular conditions required by vertical unloading and the risks connected with the tipping process.

With Skyler the company wants to offer a new solution, which combines all the qualities of moving floor with the solidity of steel.

Thanks to Skyler, it will be possible to transport any recyclable or waste including metal scrap and ELV, unload outdoor and indoor, unload partial or complete cargos and transport not only bulk materials but also pallets, crates and packages.
Thus, maximum versatility but also maximum solidity and durability because, despite what we usually see on the roads, Skyler features not only the floor but also body and chassis in steel.

Skyler chassis is made in high resistance steel and body is made in special wear-resistant steel HB450, reinforced by posts and beams to remain solid and upright even after many years of heavy work, hits and shocks.
The body floor, equipped with 9 sliding slats in Hardox450 to guarantee solidity and durability, is slightly sloped to facilitate the unloading: a barely visible but genial detail.
Design is original and unique as well. We will be able to identify Skyler on the roads simply by watching its body shape, slightly lowering at the end in order to enclose the rear unloading slope.
An exclusive design detail which demonstrates once more Gervasi Ecologica strives to 360-degree excellence.

With Skyler, Transport and Recycling have a new and additional solution, suitable to combine all the versatility and features of a moving floor semitrailer, with the solidity and durability of steel.

SKYLER, recycling beyond the limits