It’s been a fantastic 2018

As last year, Gervasi Ecologica collected and summarized emotions and key facts of this year in a one-minute movie.

The 2018 has been a truly important year.

Several crucial projects were delivered and in particular the company launched its first moving floor semi-trailer: SKYLER.

This new entry got immediately positive feedback among customers and also press, finding a good visibility on the web and printed magazines as well.

In terms of events, Gervasi Ecologica showcased its production at important salons as Ecomondo and Pollutec, sponsored the 70th anniversary of Assofermet and supported the presentation of the electric car SION from the German young company Sono Motors.

But in addition to these already remarkable objectives, the company worked to some important improvements which will be implemented in 2019.

In fact, as the movie reminds “he who hesitates is lost… and #weneverstop”.