18.03.2020 – Global Recycling Day


Tomorrow it’s the Global Recycling Day.
But what does it mean in this particular moment?

For those like us, who work at the service of professionals processing end-of-life materials, this day represents an important moment of reflection. A moment in which the attention of the whole world is focused on the magical power of recycling. A very special power that turns waste materials into precious resources for our life.

All of us are part of this magical transformation, because all of us, consciously or not, produce waste. And the power of each of us lies in giving these scraps an opportunity, introducing them in the recycling cycle and allowing professionals of the circular economy to give them new life.

Gervasi Ecologica feels to be part of this cycle, which tries to support 360 degrees, with its own production and research work, but also with many small daily good practices.
And these efforts, this sense of responsibility have an even greater value today.

Someone says that the planet is telling us something, in the silence of our homes, in the distance that we are forced to keep from each others, in the daily experience of how much each one’s life is linked to the others’ ones.

Making sense of things helps us to look forward with greater confidence, therefore let’s make sense of the change we are experiencing and celebrate the global recycling day with even more conviction and enthusiasm.

Change is possible and working together we can achieve any objective.


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* Image from FB page @globalrecyclingday