The right size

measure made

A small semi-trailer can be an excellent solution even for small volumes, especially as it provides a higher load capacity than a 3-axle truck.

On the other hand, a large semi-trailer can handle large volumes in fewer trips, with significant savings in terms of costs and emissions.

Gervasi Ecologica produces the size semi-trailer you need, from the smallest to the largest, with all the accessories and options you need for your work. Just the way you want it.

Let’s take a look at some examples👇


35 m3 semi-trailer for glass recycling

A small CobraKR designed and built for collecting and transporting glass scrap. Payload of more than 25 tonnes in a 7.6 metre long hardox body.

crane with bucket – single rear door 


86 m3 semi-trailer for France (height 4.2 m)

Large dimensions, very large indeed, for this 86 cubic metre Maxi Tiger. Hardox body with uprights and reinforcement profiles, made for transporting scrap, recyclable waste and mixed waste on French territory.

gooseneck chassis – hydraulic two-cylinder side discharge system

Tipper truck 

5-metre long hardox body for this small tipper set-up on a Scania P250, conceived for scrap collection.

underbody cylinder – MEC crane with Rozzi grabber

74 m3 semi-remorque avec grue 20 tons/m

Large dimensions also when crane is fitted on chassis.

gooseneck chassis – two lateral hydraulic cylinders – crane 10.2 metres

maxi benne