Details that matter

We pointed out several times that Maxi Tiger is the among the largest tippers for scrap, an important feature because for many companies it means being able to transport more material for the same number of trips, thus improving profitability.

But capacity is not the only distinguishing factor of Maxi Tiger, there are many other small details that make this semitrailer an outstanding solution.

In our article dated 27 October, we have already discussed about the importance of the special system with two lateral cylinders, which gives stability and balance to the vehicle, and the Safe2Tip system that works in the event of faults or anomalies.

We now want to focus on another extremely important technical detail: the automatic deflation of suspensions when tipping.
In the video that we have just uploaded to our YouTube channel, and which we invite you to watch by clicking on the link, this mechanism is very clearly shown.

At the time of unloading the material, before the body is tipped, the operator unlocks the manual closures of the rear doors, then moves to the side of the semi-trailer to operate the safety control that allows the doors to open and automatically activates the deflation of the suspension.

In this way, the body of the vehicle is more firmly on the ground and unloading operations can begin in safer conditions.

The mechanism is automatic so that the operator does not need to remember to operate it.

Once unloading of the material is complete, the operator closes the doors and operates the pneumatic safety hook via the side control. The suspension of the semi-trailer thus automatically returns to its driving level.

This special automatic system is available on all Gervasi Ecologica semi-trailers to guarantee the safety of the vehicle and the personnel working on it. Of course, having safety systems of this type becomes particularly important when the size of the box to be lifted is so imposing that it reaches 86 m³.


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