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#MovingDreams is the manifest of a change. A necessary and strongly desired change.

In a sector where stopping means dying, the word MOVING means everything.
It means moving materials to give them new life. It means moving ideas to feed innovation and creativity. It means moving emotions to try to build a better world.

Gervasi Ecologica works in a sector, the manufacturing of semitrailers for the transport of scrap and recyclables, where every innovation can bring extraordinary benefits to environment and people.

For this reason change is something to look for, resolutely and perseveringly.

And to better promote this change, Gervasi Ecologica has been working to give the right space to ideas, people and technologies.
Thus a new and important project was started at the end of 2018: the new Buriasco headquarter.

It is an ambitious project, which doesn’t only mean preparing new and more modern spaces for production, but also giving a new opportunity to the dream of a whole local community.
This building in fact is at the core of a small village (Buriasco) and it has its own history. An history which has now a new chance to become a new and modern production center, developed according to responsibility and sustainability criteria.

It’s an important step that means making an old dream coming true. A step that means giving a proper space to tomorrow’s dreams.

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#MovingEcology – #MovingDreams


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