At IFAT the semi-trailers for scrap transport by Gervasi Ecologica

IFAT Auflieger

The entrance to the Messe München reminds us of how many countries surround us and are waiting for IFAT to discover the latest news on the green economy.

IFAT is the international event where companies present their innovations and meet the main players in the recycling sector and environmental technologies.

Today it’s only three months before the opening of this extraordinary showcase, which involves over 3,000 exhibitors for an area of approximately 260,000 square meters!

Gervasi Ecologica will exhibit for the first time at the show with two different spaces, one inside the Hall B4 and the other in the open-air area (FGL 810/10), where it will display a semi-trailer of its production.

Do not waste time and immediately secure your entrance ticket, and the reservation of your hotel and flight to Munich. This event will call in visitors from everywhere!!!

But why will Gervasi Ecologica exhibit at IFAT?
There are many answers to this question. Rational and emotional, as always.

Being at IFAT for Gervasi Ecologica means having the opportunity to show the quality of its production and the exclusivity of its solutions to the main players of the circular economy. Small and large operators in recycling sector, transport and collection of metal, plastic, glass, tires, vehicles and other end-of-life materials.

Meeting these people and personally showing them our steel semi-trailer production is a fantastic opportunity to develop our market and, above all, contribute even more significantly to make the end-of-life materials logistics more efficient and effective.

As we often repeat, everyone must play his/her role to achieve the SDGs objectives of Agenda 2030, and our task, our primary responsibility, is to design and build semi-trailers able to make the collection and transport of scrap and recyclables as much economical as possible.

But economical, we know, does not only mean paying the right price, but for also having optimal solutions designed to meet specific, sometimes unique, needs, to which a standard production cannot suit.

It means optimizing the cost and time of drivers and reducing the number of journeys, thanks to vehicles with a large capacity.It means being able to count on long-lasting quality, which guarantees top-resistance to abrasion and long and hassle-free vehicle life cycle.
And last (but perhaps most important!) it means working safely, having a moving floor semi-trailer or a tipper with two lateral cylinders that allow a well-balanced tipping.

To show all the above advantages, and much more, you will find us in Monaco, persuaded of the positive contribution we can offer to the development of a more circular and sustainable economy.

We’ll wait for you from 4th to 8th May at stands B4 | 205 and FGL 810/10.

Will you be there??


#MovingEcology – #RecyclingBeyondTheLimits