New challenges: containers


We are not afraid of new challenges, that’s clear.

Indeed, facing new adventures makes our time more exciting and lively.

Recently a new project has knocked on our door and immediately found us ready!

This does not deal with producing new semi-trailers or adding new features, nor it is about designing special equipment.

In truth, this is a kind of work that we know very well (welding and steel processing are our speciality!), but with a completely different application: recycling containers at the end of their life.

As it has demonstrated many times, Gervasi Ecologica is very sensitive to the environmental issue and any time there is the opportunity, supports its battles, even going beyond the boundaries of its core business (do you remember SonoMotors event? Their electric car is having a great success!).

In this latest case, our task is not to provide space, but skills and craftsmanship.

It is a matter of dedicating a team of designers, technicians and welders to the recovery of containers at the end of their life, to transform them into the structure of a new and innovative completely-natural production process.

We believe in the potential of this project and are happy to give our contribution to its realization.

Moreover, in March we celebrate the #GlobalRecyclingDay, an opportunity to remind all of us how vital it is to recycle materials at the end of their life to transform them into secondary raw materials.

In this challenge, each of us can contribute and choose to become one of the many #RecyclingHeroes.

Gervasi Ecologica has a clear understanding of the objectives of Agenda 2030, among which it has chosen to work in particular on target 12, aimed to guarantee sustainable production and consumption models.

This project on containers moves in this direction along a new road, stay with us to see where it will take us.

Also that is #MovingEcology