Face the new challenges of Transport and Recycling with us – #WeCANmakeit


Nothing will be like before. We know that.
Now it’s up to us making everything BETTER than before!

The experience that we are currently living has been incredibly tough for our social, economic and health system.
It is up to us to start again with new paradigms, courageous solutions, innovative answers.

The emergency we are living make all the world aware that our sector is a crucial, essential sector.
The waste and scrap recycling and the entire transport sector have been active even when everything else stopped, and Gervasi Ecologica, as manufacturer and repairer of their vehicles, are in the field alongside them.

With this important awareness, we look forward to preparing new solutions for the new challenges after COVID-19 emergency.
We believe there’s a real possibility of improving ourselves and our work!

This is how the #weCANmakeit project was conceived, open to all those who have an idea to make vehicles for waste and recyclable end-of-life materials collection more efficient, effective and sustainable.
Do not set limits on what can be done, don’t be afraid of being too visionary!

Gervasi Ecologica team is not afraid of challenges and, thanks to their strong experience in design and construction of semi-trailers and equipment for industrial vehicles, can develop and implement a wide range of solutions for the transport of scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel to recycled, glass, industrial waste, domestic waste, end-of-life tyres, devices, vehicles, vessels to be dismantled and much, much more.

Take advantage of a great experience in the creation of hook-lift / tipper systems, wear-resistant steel bodies, moving floor semitrailers 100% steel, tipper trailers and semitrailers from 30 to 86 m3.
All vehicles can be designed and/or equipped with cranes or other accessories and all the solutions are easily registered thanks to European type approval.

Be ready for the new challenges with a vehicle designed entirely for you, write to info@www.gervasiecologica.com!



#MovingEcology – #ItalyStayStrong