SKYLER and MAXI TIGER, the twins of scrap transport


Leafing through the September issue of Vie & Trasporti, after interviews and news from the transport sector, it is great to find an article entirely dedicated to our twins of transports: Maxi Tiger and Skyler.
A showcase that makes us very proud and for which we thank La Fiaccola publishing house.

Thanks to Gianenrico Griffini’s article we discover all the details of these two vehicles, conceived for the transport of large volumes of bulks, waste and scrap metals.

Maxi Tiger is displayed in its French version of 80 cubic meters (but it can also reach 86 cubic meters with the 4.20 m high sides). It is a particularly reinforced and sturdy version, with 6 mm floor and 25 fully welded profiles onto the body.
The tipping system with two lateral cylinders guarantees stability and safety during unloading, essential characteristics for such large volume trailers.
Jost axles, Michelin tyres, folding underrun bar and automatic suspension deflation complete the frame of the main technical characteristics of the product.
To give a targeted response also to the needs of those who cannot proceed with tipping unloading and prefer to opt for a horizontal unloading system, Gervasi Ecologica created Skyler.

Skyler is the 100% steel moving floor semi-trailer designed for the transport of large volumes of ferrous and non-ferrous waste, end-of-life materials and scrap.
The floor, manufactured by Keith Walking Floor, is made of 9 V-slats in steel, designed to be suitable even for the most wearing materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, and is completed by the Clean Sweep tarp, which allows to unload also the smallest pieces.
Skyler makes possible the use of moving floor also in the transport of scrap and hard-wearing materials, without any compromise in terms of resistance and durability.

For GERVASI Ecologica these vehicles represent a complete and effective answer for transport, trade and recycling companies.
The sturdy HB450 wear-resistant steel bodies are reinforced externally by bent profiles and have a capacity of 80 and 90 cubic meters: about 1.5 times that of the most common steel tippers!
This means that you can move the same volume in 2 journeys instead of 3! With the consequence of reducing number of drivers, fuel and tires consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and traffic on the roads.

The advantaged of these large volume trailers are very important, and do not concern only convenience calculations, but also (and perhaps above all) of the environmental and social positive impacts.

It is therefore a big pleasure finding them on a prestigious magazine of information for transport sector!




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