#YourVIDEO – The playlist to grow together

Enthusiasm is a kind of contagion we like very much, and these first deliveries in 2022 have given us a lot of it.

In fact, just the time to deliver our semi-trailer, and we receive fresh photos and videos by our customers. A great satisfaction for people like us who put so much passion into their work!

Now, to give you even more space, we have reserved a section of our channel only for you!

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And now, let’s enjoy these original videos directly from your own yards.

#YourVIDEO 01 – Cisterna di Latina, Italy

Canguro tipper semi-trailer equipped with MARCHESI crane and ROZZI polyp grab. Gooseneck steel chassis. Two underbody lifting cylinders. N. 03 ROR axles with mechanical 4-sheet suspension and disc brakes. Self-steering third axle.

HB450 steel body with external panelling on the side walls and rear doors. Kit GEN!O for control and interconnection of the semi-trailer


#YourVIDEO 02 – Switzerland

Tipping semi-trailer Cobra KR45 equipped with a folding Z-shaped Epsilon crane and ROZZI polyp grab. N. 03 SAF axles with pneumatic suspensions. Self-steering third axle. Steel frame, slightly lowered at the rear.

Rear FOLDING PNEUMATIC bumper bar with integrated lights. HB450 steel body with sloping uprights and horizontal band.


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