IFAT 2022 – We are coming (with a novelty… not new)


IFAT, when the novelty is not new 😉

We are used to seeing flawless, shiny, perfect vehicles at trade fairs. Just out of production and counting only a few kilometres on the odometer.
It is a pleasure to admire them under the spotlights.

But have you ever thought how interesting it would be to see a vehicle that already has experience in the field, a vehicle that has travelled the roads, carried materials and unloaded over and over again?

Think how much it could tell us.

How effective would be the story of the sides and profiles of a body that has already hosted loads of different materials, of the rear doors that have already been opened and closed hundreds of times, of the chassis and the crane, already protagonists of many loads and unloads.

There are so many details that define the value of a semi-trailer over time and there is nothing better than looking at them with your own eyes.

One of the novelties at IFAT will be precisely that: a semi-trailer that has already worked, courtesy of our customers, the family Gheza.

The semi-trailer is the COBRA KR, fitted with a 46 cubic metre Hardox body and crane on our original chassis.
The semi-trailer, delivered in January 2022 and fully operational since then, is employed in the collection of scrap, paper, green waste and much more.

Gheza family has been working for over forty years in the field of ferrous materials collection and over time has enriched its activity with new spaces, vehicles and services, contributing to the regeneration of scrap materials for about 60,000 tons per year.
The project grew phone call after phone call, discussion after discussion, and soon turned into a beautiful collaboration between people who are passionate about their work.

We are therefore very proud to bring to IFAT what we have produced for them!

The choice of exhibiting a used vehicle at IFAT is clearly out-of-the-box, inspired by the desire to showcase a real product, rather than produce just to showcase a new item.

So we are introducing in this prestigious setting for the first time, handing over our message and the proof of our quality to a semi-trailer that has already worked. Without being afraid to show the signs and the wear and tear of work.

We are sure when we tell about longevity, sturdiness and attention to detail.

And then, what is more valuable than sharing our experience?
When the objective is to RECYCLE, to protect our planet, everyone’s contribution is essential.
That’s why we believe that making available to everyone not only our experience as manufacturers but also your experience as end users is essential to improve and make the waste recovery process more and more efficient.

So we invite you to come to the show in Munich to get to know us and to find out how our Cobra KR has (not) changed since delivery!

Auf Wiedersehen!


IFAT – Stand B4 111/210 + FGL 810/10