Once again this year Ecomondo comes at the right time to host important decisions, and our team will be there to visit the exhibition from 9 to 11 November.

Contact us to make an appointment for a coffee, an aperitif or a snack together, talking about how a Gervasi Ecologica semi-trailer can facilitate your work and support your business growth in 2023.

Furthermore, we will be happy to receive your feedback and needs to optimally fine-tune the projects currently underway.

Our research and development team has always been sensitive to the market requirements, and active in exploring new ways and opportunities (after all, that is why we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to one specific sector).

We continuously study the needs of the circular economy players, striving to offer increasingly high-performance and cost-effective solutions.

There are a lot and highly valuable projects at our hands, your ideas and requests will be a further inspiration to choose what to prioritise.

To this purpose, there are many different ways to contact us and make an appointment; the choice is yours:

_website www.gervasiecologica.com/contatti
_email info@gervasiecologica.com
_phone +39 011 9866222
_cell phone +39 335 7656536

We look forward to read and hear from you!

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