Hooklift with crane on container: a strong and versatile solution

hooklift with crane on hardox container

Once again your vehicles are protagonist of our tales

This time it’s a 3-axle Scania truck with crane on swap body. A robust and versatile solution for collecting waste and scrap materials for recycling.

A 5.20 m hardox body with fully welded reinforcing profiles, fitted with Marchesi crane and 6-teeth polyp-grab.

In a brief 40-secs video you can view its main functions.

Aware of the value of this kind of solution, GERVASI Ecologica proposes hooklift set-ups in different versions: without crane, with crane on body or with crane on truck.

Each configuration has its specific advantages, which we will try to illustrate in a few words.


hooklift truck mercedes

1. Hooklift no-crane

This type of equipment is used only for transporting material, with no loss of payload due to the crane. On the other side, they cannot load autonomously the waste material, but need the help of external loaders.

hooklift crane container

2. Hooklift with crane on container

An excellent solution when crane use is only occasional. When necessary, the material can be loaded autonomously, while when this is not necessary, the body with crane can be grounded and replaced by a simple container that make available the maximum truck payload. 

hooklift crane chassis

3. Hooklift with crane on truck

They are used for autonomous collection and transport of material, without the need for external loaders. Once a container has been grounded, another can be loaded using the same procedure, serving multiple destinations with the same crane.

Gervasi Ecologica offers all customers prompt assistance and a listening ear, in order to identify the best solution for each specific needs.

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