Skyler, road to excellence


“Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends”
This is what the well-known entrepreneur Brian Tracy used to say, and what inspires our daily work.
Choosing to specialise in the production of semi-trailers for circular economy, we have in fact chosen to start a journey towards excellence.

So, four years after the launch, it is already time for a new, improved, Skyler.

It is basically an optimised version with an increased load capacity and a refined design.

The sides, always straight on the inside to facilitate the unloading of bulky parts, are reinforced on the outside by a new generation of fully welded press-bended profiles.

The wider design allows a reduction in the number of vertical reinforces and gives a touch of coolness to the design.
In the central part of the body, a horizontal element is well integrated at the bottom, adding strength and harmony to the outline.

The semi-trailer is provided with a 90 cubic metre hardox body, equipped with the 9-slatted steel system that the American company Keith Walking Floor developed especially for the toughest of uses.
The high-strength steel chassis is equipped with three 9-ton SAF axles and a folding hardox rear bar.

Among the main accessories, the double-flip hydraulic cover, an excellent alternative to the manual system or the electric remote-controlled cover.

Also in this version, Skyler is available with European Type Approval.

But the novelties on the moving floor don’t end there!
In order to meet the needs of those who also want to handle pallets without having to give up a steel trailer, the new Skyler will also be available with a flat steel moving floor.

More details upon this solution, which is a further step forward in terms of versatility and multiple uses, will follow shortly.

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