RecycleWeek – Let’s join forces

RecycleWeek scrap metal recycling trailers

The theme of the 18th annual Recycle Week, launched by WRAP under the ‘Recycle Now’ campaign, is aimed at encouraging citizens to recycle more in the fight against climate change.

The importance of this theme is underlined by a recent Recycle Now survey, that discovers that 55% of households trow recyclable items in the general waste bin.

Our daily commitment to climate change and the defense of our planet’s resources is in our homes and in our work.

Every day we are committed to support recycling by building the best vehicles for every need, so that the recovery of secondary materials is widespread and efficient as much as possible.

To promote the theme of Recycle Week and help raising awareness on these issues, here are some useful links:

To read our article about the many different application of the semitrailers we produce to collect and transport end-of-life materials:

Metal, wood, glass… EVERYTHING can be recovered

Let’s join forces for the 18th Recycle Week ♻️