Metal, wood, glass… EVERYTHING can be recovered

remorque avec grue

Whether it is metal, wood, glass or other waste materials, everything can be collected and recovered if you have the right vehicle.

And semi-trailers with cranes are designed precisely to meet the needs of collecting end-of-life materials.

Trading and recycling companies know that very well, since they increase volumes and speed up processes thanks to these vehicles.
And the same is confirmed by the transporters who choose them to increase profitability by combining collection and transport.

The semi-trailers with cranes are completely customized vehicles designed and manufactured by Gervasi Ecologica.
The specifications vary according to the material to be recovered, volumes, dimensions and many other small details.
It can be a small 30 m3 semi-trailer with bucket for glass recycling, or a large 74 m3 volume with 27 tons/m crane for the recovery of wood, metal and waste.
And in the between a wide variety of solutions and recoverable materials.

GERVASI Ecologica has many years of experience in the construction of this type of vehicle and collaborates with all the major crane manufacturers.
The ability to purchase even just the crane-ready semi-trailer is a popular option, which guarantees maximum flexibility.


Also on semi-trailers with crane, Gervasi Ecologica makes GEN!O technology available, for a better control and efficiency of the vehicle.

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