Véhicules d’occasion garantis par qualité

When in front of you there’s the choice of the vehicle which will come with you in your daily work, million questions and doubts arise. It’s better a new truck which assures reliability and durability? Or a used truck which allows to save money today and then tomorrow we’ll see?? Then there are incentives, addressed only to the purchase of new vehicles. And leasing, in its different versions.

Finding your way is really difficult.
In these situations, we often repeat we should gaze into a crystal-ball.

A dilemma which is even more tricky when the vehicle under evaluation will be our daily work-mate. Timeliness of service and time optimization usually depends from that, our truck. And here’s, a repair or a stop become a problem, unbearable…the client will kill me… I must deliver a work… I cannot give up!!!!!

With all these thought in mind it’s so difficult to make a choice.
Obviously, we won’t the ones giving an answer to all these doubts. What we can do is reporting our experience.

Customers call us every day telling their story and describing their needs, which always end in a request of re-assurance about Quality. And this is because, being a semitrailer used or new, however everyone needs Quality and the awareness of spend money wisely satisfying at best their needs about transport.

Gervasi Ecologica works every day to deliver excellence to all customers and is glad to boost in its used vehicles portfolio amazing opportunities for second-hand trucks, van and semitrailers, aged but still outstanding.

This is the case of the semitrailer about which the magazine HighTech Ambiente writes this month. A semitrailer for metal scrap, with steel body and crane, model Canguro and dated 1998. It’s a twenty years old semitrailer which despite the heavy-duty work has still its steel sides strong and well straight toward the sky, ready to face many other loading and travels.

This is, in our opinion, a Quality semitrailer become a Quality used vehicle.

Then, the choice is up to you.