Safe2Tip: moving towards the complete safety in tipping operations up to 86mc

The research and development work must be driven to meet Clients’ needs, providing solutions for transport and handling of metal scraps, glass, tyres, waste and recyclables.
For these tasks is essential to be assisted by performing and trustable equipment and to work under conditions of maximum safety.
Unfortunately, still nowadays we read about accidents during the work, particularly when big volumes of scraps and materials are involved. Sometimes the consequences are very serious.
For this reason, Gervasi Ecologica invests resources, time and knowledge every day to find new solutions and to improve the existing ones, in order to handle massive volumes up to 86 mc with the safety of a double point of support: the two lateral cylinders which lift the vehicle body.
Everyone, since the childhood, proved himself to balance with incredible exercises, and everyone has a personal experience about the fact that it’s much more stable and safe to balance upon two pivots rather than just one.
Even doing your garden tasks you experience that a two-lateral-wheels wheelbarrow is more stable and balanced than the common one-central-wheel ones.
This real experience is the basic rule which led to Maxi Tiger tipping system. The range of semitrailers proposed by Gervasi Ecologica under this brand name, in fact, features this particular tipping system with two lateral cylinders.
These tipper semitrailers, having an extraordinary and unrivalled capacity for the category of transport of metal scrap, waste and recyclables, allow you to unload massive volumes up to 86 m3 very quickly (particularly if they are compared with the walking floors trucks). This is due to the perfectly simultaneous movement of the two lateral cylinders which keep the vehicle body well balanced even when the surface underneath is not perfectly flat or solid.
Furthermore, thanks to specific safety systems such as the exclusive Safe2Tip, the synchrony of the lifting is assured even in case of accident or unforeseen breakdown.

The importance of SAFETY as essential part of QUALITY is demonstrated by the latest patent pending for Safe2Tip safety system.

But Gervasi Ecologica never stops research and development, the next innovation is close to arrive!

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