Gervasi Ecologica at ECOMONDO 2017

ECOMONDO is the exhibition where every year the Green and Circular Economy players meet to discuss and introduce their innovations.
A world of about 100.000 visitors and 1.200 exhibitors which come to Rimini from 7th to 10th November.
In this occasion Gervasi Ecologica cannot miss to introduce the evolutionary process recently experienced. The new company has a new brand and philosophy, aimed to reach new objectives and innovations for the transport of metal scrap, waste, recyclables and all the other materials involved into Ecology and Circular Economy.
During the exhibition the company will display his semitrailer COBRA KR, the ultra light-weight solution which allows to the green economy operators to collect and transport scraps, glass, waste and recyclables.
This solid, and reliable semitrailer has a low unladen weight so that you can count on a solid and light trailer to move big quantities of materials and goods.
The special anti-wearing steel used to produce chassis and body assures solidity and durability over years.
The straight loading bed makes this solution particularly flexible and suitable for many different materials and goods.
COBRA KR, already on the market for some years, has been enhanced with optional and new particulars thanks to the tireless attention to quality pursued by Gervasi Ecologica, always open to find innovative solutions to meet Client’s needs. This process of continue growth and improvement demonstrates the willing to be not only a supplier but a partner at 360 degrees.
The attendance of Gervasi Ecologica at Ecomondo proves the continuity with Gervasi family, pioneer beginning 80s in manufacturing of semitrailers for metal scrap (Canguro is still on the market after 35 years!) and now found again under a new dress, but with the same innovative soul and the same passion for the craftmanship of vehicles equipment for Ecology.
The pride of the history which evolves and find new energies is definitely introduced by Gervasi Ecologica at Ecomondo, Hall A5 – Stand 141.