Gervasi Ecologica at Solutrans 2017

Solutrans is the international salon for road & urban transport solutions which is held in France every two years.
The show involves all the operators: manufacturers of industrial vehicles, light vehicles, equipment, semitrailers and trailers, bodies and other components.
In this occasion Gervasi Ecologica introduces its innovations concerning transport and collection of metal scrap, waste and recyclables.
An opportunity that the company decided to grab further to its experience on the French market, where they cooperate with leading companies such as GDE and Groupe Ecore.
Deep knowledge of design and expertise in manufacturing semitrailers in steel, enabled Gervasi Ecologica to develop innovative and exclusive technical solutions and safety systems.
The recent patent pending for Safe2Tip system is only the latest demonstration.
For the international showcase of Solutrans the company studied a new original display, from one side the proof of a growing attention to design and aesthetics, from the other side a way to tell a story made of extraordinary innovations and results.
Nowadays Gervasi Ecologica is the only company proposing a tipper semitrailer in hard-wearing steel with capacity up to 86 m3.
This semitrailer (Maxi Tiger) is currently one-of-a-kind solution and this is basically due to SAFETY.
It’s not a matter of simply design and produce a bigger body, but it concerns with the creation of a tipping system able to work safely also in case of massive volumes up to 86 m3.
The tipping technology is in fact extremely time-convenient, but implicates also serious risks connected with the stability and balance of the vehicle during all the process.
To this specific purpose Maxi Tiger is equipped with a couple of lateral cylinders, instead of the common single one, which move simultaneously, assuring stability and balance.
As the elephant-tiger balancing on a rope well represents, having two pivots makes the balance much easier and safer, and it’s for this reason that Maxi Tiger boasts the highest capacity of all the category.
Furthermore, thanks to Safe2Tip system, this balance is guaranteed also in case of flawed working of one or both cylinders.
There is no innovation without safety and Gervasi Ecologica goes to Lyon with the awareness of really working in this direction.

Gervasi Ecologica – Stand 5 S 230

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