People say about us…

When a product is really extraordinary, words come easily and word-of-mouth spreads in time and space.

The story of Maxi Tiger does not start today, but some time ago, as often happens, upon the specific request of a very special customer. Then, a team of professionals designed the first 80 m3 tipper semitrailer made in special wear-resistant steel. A unique semi-trailer that embodies a great passion and a strong commitment to excellence. This is why Maxi Tiger is subject of continuous enhancement and improvements, the most recent of which (and certainly not the last) is called Safe2Tip in order to underline the great contribution brought to the safety of tipping operations. An aspect, safety, to which the company is very sensitive as demonstrated by the choice to register the patent.

In devoting its energies to research and refining of every single detail, Gervasi Ecologica does not want to neglect communication, which the company consider an essential task to nurture and promote.
Since the company mission is the creation of innovative solutions to support recycling and circular economy, it is essential to communicate the features and qualities of these solutions to those who need and still do not know them.

To this purpose the company is committed to promote its values and its work through a variety of channels such as website, blog (please share!!), social media, videos, exhibitions and much more, meeting so far positive feedback and the sincere interest of many people, including Press. And this is why there are so many people writing and dealing with Gervasi Ecologica and its extraordinary Maxi Tiger tipper semi-trailer, an innovative solution at the service of Circular Economy (…and we are not the only ones to say it !!).

Gervasi Ecologica – #MovingEcology