Search for Gervasi Ecologica signs

People have always felt the need to leave a mark, a trace of themselves.

To illustrate how they lived, to celebrate achievements and communicate emotions.

Even today, with different tools, everyone communicates through images, words and symbols.

And the same happens for us, workers, designers, and technicians of Gervasi Ecologica.
The care and passion that we put into our work, the experience and technology that assist us and the credibility we have built over time are well summarized in the details that distinguish our production.

Chassis, sides, systems, safety technologies and mechanical parts, everything is designed, built and definitely signed with the distinctive signs of the company.
The name, the leaf, the brand, the icons of the models.

We love to sign all our creations because we are proud of them and because they know how to talk about our work better than anyone else.

Search for the signs of Gervasi Ecologica and discover the quality of our production. In every detail.

Experience, passion and technology – #MovingEcology