Giants on the road

Watching Maxi Tiger 86 m3 in our factory yard is already amazing but meeting him on the road is really stunning!

A dark red giant climbing the roads which take to France near Sestriere. It’s surely an unusual experience for the people living there to watch such a big vehicle!

Actually, this is a kind of record semitrailer: 4,2 m tall and 12,7 m long, for a volume of 86 m3: the biggest tipper semitrailer.
The biggest because Gervasi Ecologica studied and perfected a tipping system which permits to work safely even with such dimensions. It wouldn’t be so safe to lift such a big body with only one central cylinder. Much more dangerous considering the risk of roll-over, if compared with the two lateral cylinders system featured by Maxi Tiger.

And this is also the reason why only Gervasi Ecologica proposes this solution in the European market of transport and recycling.

But the destination of this amazing vehicle does not stop here.

Maxi Tiger is employed also to transport tyres (ELT), plastic, RAEE, woodchips and biomass. And at the end who wouldn’t like to have a giant by his side?