Skyler at work – How does a moving floor semitrailer load/unload scrap and materials?

Sometimes when you watch shining and beautiful trucks and semitrailers, you can’t imagine how they are at work.

How do they look like during the operations of loading and unloading of scrap metals, waste and end-of-life materials?
How can they resist to the heavy work of cranes, and how do they deal with so many different materials?

Actually, it’s not so easy to realize how a steel moving floor semitrailer such as SKYLER can perform the unloading of massive volumes (up to 90 cubic meters!), with the simple sliding movement of its steel slats.
How long it is going to take? Years??

Basically, the unloading operations require only few minutes and move on extremely easily, thanks to the Keith Walking Floor system and the straight internal sides of the body which let move smoothly also big materials, such as end-of-life vehicles.

Thanks to this movie, shot in France with one of the first Skyler unit delivered from production, we have the opportunity to briefly watch this important and crucial work.
An essential work for many Recycling and Transport companies, which need strong and resistant trucks and semitrailers to collect, transport and transform scrap into new high-value secondary raw materials.
A work which is inspired by a noble purpose: closing the loops of our economy and protecting environment and earth.

We work for this, look at the video to see what we mean.



* Special thanks to Keith Walking Floor for this video *