Semi-trailers: a guide to choosing

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If you deal with the transport or recycling of scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals or recyclable materials in general, the purchase of a vehicle is certainly a crucial moment.

Is a steel semi-trailer the best solution or an aluminium one might be better?
Is it more important that that the trailer is light or that it is robust and long lasting?
And what about dimensions? Is it better a small and easy-to-drive semitrailer or a big one which optimizes the volumes transported by each truck driver in every journey?
And which unloading system is preferable? Better a tipper or a moving floor?

How many questions! Difficult to get out of it!!!
The answer is of course absolutely individual, but the help and advice of an expert can drive you in the right choice from a long-term point of view.
We in fact expect our vehicle to support us for a long time, fitting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Gervasi Ecologica team listens to each customer to understand, at first, characteristics and objectives of the work that the vehicle has to do.
As manufacturer specialized in semi-trailers for scrap recycling, the first consideration we usually make is that only a sturdy steel semi-trailer can handle scrap metals for long time, facing continuous loading and unloading of such a weary material.
Obviously you can transport many other goods in addition to scrap, such as glass, plastic, tires, wood, end-of-life vehicles, waste and much more, but the first requirement to evaluate is that if you want to treat scrap, it is absolutely recommended a semi-trailer with steel body and frame.

Having said that, there are still many other variables to consider and to this purpose Gervasi Ecologica developed a complete and articulated range: large volume tipper semitrailers up to 86 m3, moving floor semitrailers, tipper semitrailers from 40 to 60 cubic meters, tipper truck equipment, hook-lift camion equipment, with cranes or without crane.
Everything remaining always customizable.

To bring some examples, Maxi Tiger, thanks to its capacity up to 86mc, is particularly appreciated by those who prefer a large and extremely strong semi-trailer, made to last long time and bring maximum volume in safe conditions. To this objective, some special reinforcements are created for both chassis and body, while the exclusive double-cylinders tipping system allows safe handling of loads up to 86 m3.

Who considers the priority to be the payload can opt for smaller capacities and a structure designed to balance at best lightness and solidity, as in the case of Cobra. In fact if, for example, we transport blocks of pig iron or steel, we need to reduce dead load but without forgetting that this vehicle have to face many years of hard work and heavy loads! It is therefore excellent to have a low tare, but keeping the semi-trailer solid and reinforced in the critical points.

For those who transport small lots for short distances, a small and handy truck may be good. In this case, an effective solution is to mount a tipping or hook-lift equipment, maybe with an on-board crane to facilitate collection at the source.

Finally, to meet the needs of people who must transport different types of materials bulk and also packaged, there is Skyler: the 100% steel moving floor semi-trailer that can handle up to 90 cubic meters of scrap and other materials, discharging them with a special steel slats system manufactured by the American company Keith Walking Floor.
Thanks to Skyler, now it is no longer necessary to renounce to all the strength of steel to have a moving floor!

Naturally, besides the technical specifications of the vehicle, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of technology, workmanship and the materials. These aspects will also influence the life of the vehicle and its maintenance costs (and eventual downtime!).

Gervasi Ecologica replies to this need managing all the stages at 360 degree: designing and producing both the frame / chassis (high strength steel) and the body (XAR® or Hardox®), controlling and certifying the whole process at every stage and cooperating with market leader companies such as Saf, Jost, Ror, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Haldex, Michelin, Bridgestone, Marchesi, Mec, Palfinger, Rozzi, and many others.

Then there are over 40 years of experience in the industry, a wealth of knowledge and secrets that represent a valuable help to make the best choice.

And now have a good shopping!!!