In steel is better!

fond mouvant acier

During a recent visit to a customer’s yard, we made a short video of the waste-loading operations on our semitrailer.

Looking at this activity with our own eyes helps to understand why so many companies choose the strength of steel semitrailers for waste transport.

Waste is surely a less weary material than iron, steel and scraps in general, this is out of doubt.

But the force with which waste and all the materials are loaded by cranes and handling machines causes such a continuous stress for semitrailers body and chassis, to make at risk their efficiency and durability.

Moving floor and tipper semitrailers 100% steel, thanks to their superior sturdiness, are therefore an ideal solution also for the handling of domestic and industrial waste, guaranteeing robustness and perfect efficiency over years of hard and heavy work.

One more reason to try Skyler, the 100% steel semi-trailer: wear-resistant steel body (XAR / HARDOX)  reinforced with fully welded beams and press-formed uprights, high-strength steel chassis and moving floor with sturdy steel slats (Keith Walking Floor).

Because at the end “in steel is better!”