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sdg 2030

Many times, to move forward well, it is necessary to take a step back.

For example, going back to school.

We did this at the Sustainable Development Festival which dedicated some very interesting meetings to the Circular Economy hosted at the Politecnico di Torino.

So yesterday (that, by-the-way, was the World Environment Day!) we sat together with many students at Politecnico to listen to the intervention of important speakers coming not only from the University world, but also from European Commission, Enea, Legambiente and IREN, an important company in Turin.

What we learnt is that there is a strong sensitivity towards the theme of sustainable development, for which important steps have already been taken both at European and national level. Other steps must naturally be taken, but it is comforting to see how Italy is still a center of excellence, as proven by the examples which were mentioned such as bioplastics, Milan waste management and others.

With this awareness and under the guidance of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) it is now important, all the interventions underlined it, to fine-tune the indicators that trace and measure the step of the change that we all hope for.

These indicators and this same change of vision, from linear to circular, are a need of all, because, as all the speakers unanimously point out, not only the planet but also the market requires that. having this in mind we also intend to do our part, evaluating processes and activities with new eyes (and measurements) aimed at achieving the goals set by the 2030 Agenda.

Moreover, today we have also learnt that innovation, internationalization and the circular economy are strongly correlated.

Today the direction to move is even clearer. Today it’s even more #MovingEcology

#MovingEcology – #MovingDreams