Maxi Tiger makes its debut at Solutrans 2019

semi-remorque benne surbaisse

The first Maxi Tiger was sold in France at the end of 2009. 10 years ago.
And it has never been showcased to an international fair.
The moment is now arrived!

At Solutrans 2019, the international salon of transport solutions to be held in Lyon from 19 to 23 November, Gervasi Ecologica will dedicate its space entirely to Maxi Tiger.

The company, which had already exhibited at this important event in the last edition of November 2017, returns again in 2019 to bring this giant of 80 cubic meters into the heart of Hall 5.

Are you ready to see Maxi Tiger stand out showing his inimitable design?

We cannot wait !!

But what makes Maxi Tiger a so special and unique tipper semitrailer?

In just three words we can say solidity, volume and safety.

SOLIDITY because Maxi Tiger combines longer life cycle, lower maintenance costs and greater residual value, thanks to the gooseneck chassis and the wear-resistant steel body reinforced by uprights and welded profiles.
VOLUME because Maxi Tiger can load up to 86 cubic meters of material, allowing to reduce the number of trips from the three that a common 53 mc semitrailer would require, to only two travels (with consequent lower costs, time and emissions).
SAFETY because only with Maxi Tiger you can manage large volumes keeping the vehicle well balanced even in not-optimal conditions, thanks to the two-cylinders tipping system perfected in ten years of production (because it would be completely useless to guarantee capacity and durability without safety!)

Furthermore if you add new features (such as the rear bumper bar, with integrated lights, that automatically folds at the doors opening) and new safety devices, well, you just can’t miss the chance to come to Solutrans to see Maxi Tiger by person!

Catch this opportunity!

Gervasi Ecologica

Eurexpo Lione | Padiglione 5 – Stand 5T201




Under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON President of the French Republic


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