Peeping into production..

There are questions that almost everyone answers at least once in a lifetime.

For example “… but what exactly do you do?”

Answering with an image sometimes helps, it is difficult to find the right words, but an image explains everything!

So here you have a small collection of shots stolen in the magical world of production.

A world where craft and experience are demonstrated by facts, not by words.

A world full of secrets, hidden abilities and highly personal mental and manual skills.

It’s here where problems are solved, ideas and new challenges are born, and it’s always here that the passion for this work takes shape. A weld, a detail to paint, a finishing, a final tune.

In this magical world it’s not easy to be admitted.

So, take advantage of this little glance, to understand thanks to whom and how a Gervasi Ecologica semi-trailer is produced.

Observe the material being processed (special wear-resistant steels, high-strength steels, etc …), the dimensions of the metal sheets, the precision of the cuts made to measure, the amazing size of the bodies…

There is a world of experience in metalworking and welding.

And before that, there is the careful planning of every detail.

And then there are them, all the guys (to tell the truth someone also has some white hair …) who give their best to create a product of excellence in every detail, from carpentry to systems, to tests and finishes.

A team that never give up and which we estimate so much!

Now, I think you should be able to answer when someone ask you …. exactly what does Gervasi Ecologica do?


#MovingEcology – #superteam