How does a trailer with crane work?

Semi-trailers with crane are the future!

We strongly believe it and for this reason we have been producing them for 40 years.
These vehicles are valuable work-mate in scrap collection and handling.

The large load capacity of the wear-resistant steel body, the lifting power of the crane and the performance-driven design make them important tools in the recovery process of end-of-life materials.
We have already written a lot about it, we know that, but this time is a step forward.
This time, we will go beyond words and pictures, to show you in a video all the potential of our Cobra KR, best seller in our production of tipper trucks with cranes.

So, please take 5 minutes of your time to get to know this vehicle better!

In this video you will find some key-points characterizing the semi-trailer, the crane and the polyp grab, as well as some “Tips”, useful suggestions from an operations point of view.
Obviously, the intent is not to replace staff training and a careful study of all the use and maintenance manuals, but to provide a quick overview of the operations you can perform with this vehicle.

In detail, the vehicle featured in the video is a Cobra KR of 65 cubic meters.
The semi-trailer is a tipper with slightly rear lowered chassis, wear-resistant steel body with straight floor and rounded front side for a wider working radius for the crane.
The chassis is equipped with 9 tons SAF axles, EBS system and Michelin tires.
The crane chosen in this case is a Marchesi M20RS, 11.3 m long and 20 tons / m capacity, equipped with 300 lt polyp grab.

As all the production, this vehicle is easily registered thanks to the European Type Approval.

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Enjoy the video!

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