pollutec salon lyon

How we miss the colours, the voices and the busy days of events and exhibitions!

In the latest months we have found alternative solutions, writing, chatting, speaking by web, sharing images and videos, well aware that sooner or later we would have returned to meet each other. In person. All together.


And the moment seems to be coming, there are only three months to Pollutec  (Lyon, 12-15 October).


What a thrill receiving emails for organization, set-up and stand decoration! This year everything has a different flavor and enthusiasm is skyrocketing.


Actually, the appointment with Pollutec is always special, it is the occasion in which start-ups, protagonists and giants of the environmental sector meet. An exhibition that sees a sector in great excitement meet at the Eurexpo in Lyon, striving to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda and supported by a large and diverse community.

GERVASI Ecologica will be present with a space inside Hall 4, to welcome customers, suppliers, friends and all those who have a strong interest in transport and collection of recyclable materials.

We will be here again to present our innovations and the new projects we have in progress, to offer cutting-edge solutions for the collection and transport of metals and recycled materials.

Our production is continuously enriched, the time won’t be enough to explain all the details of the work of these months!


Our followers on social media already know most, but we would suggest not to miss the opportunity to speak with us to find out all the particulars and… who knows, there could be some unexpected news 😉


Anyway, if you have an idea, an ambitious project that is in your head but you don’t know who could ever realize … let us know! We will study the case and even if it’s only a unit, no problem! If it can be done we can do it!


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Let’s go on, these three months will fly (hurray!)