CobraX, tipper trailer with lateral opening for pallet and packed goods


With CobraX no more return journeys without cargo!

CobraX is the new solution designed by Gervasi Ecologica to transport not only bulk but also pallets, packed and long materials.

Because to boost circular economy, we need to overcome all limits!!

It is not enough just loading  with cranes, it is also necessary to be able to load from the side with forklifts and to transport long, protruding materials.

In this new version, the tipper trailer Cobra opens up to endless possibilities, being suitable for many types of load: scrap, waste and recyclables, bars and tubes up to 12 metres, pallets and crates up to 2.2 metres high and much more.
So, no more return journeys without cargo!

CobraX has been designed to enable, for example, scrap recyclers delivering secondary raw materials to steel mill and returning with finished products such as profiles, tubes, pallets…, optimising the journey.
But of course its versatility is applicable to the most diverse uses and materials.

CobraX has wear-resistant HB450 steel body with customizable measures and floor length up to 11.5 metres.

The double hydraulic opening of the right-hand side gives full access to the trailer body allowing to load (and unload) materials by using a common forklift.

The trailer cover can be supplied as manual tarpaulin or as in this case with electric sliding system with radio control. Once the side is opened the cables remains anchored to the fixed parts of the trailer body so the operator does not need to have them released.

The unloading of bulk materials is carried out by a tipping system based on a central cylinder at the front and double rear doors.

Protruding materials, such as profiles up to 12 metres, can be handled thanks to the hydraulic opening of the rear doors lower section, which allows long pieces to stick out.

With CobraX, journeys with no cargo are finally minimised, increasing profitability and reducing carbon emissions, in the interest of environment and all of us.

Last but not least, thanks to the predictive maintenance enabled by GEN!O it’s easier to keep your vehicle running efficiently, reducing downtime and unexpected interventions.



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