90 seconds ABOUT US – The video

We would love to speak all the languages of the world! And to be in all the places in the world!
To tell you about us, our work, our vision.

The difficulties due to pandemic and war have taught us that technology may support us with important tools. And we want to use all these tools to get even closer to you, to tell you about us and about our work.

Where have these toughts taken us? You will soon find out.

We want the distance between us to no longer be a limit, we want you to be able to see, hear and understand us easily at any time and with all available channels.

In doing so, we are of course not starting from scratch 😉

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But that’s not all… we will soon be unveiling new channels!


In the meantime, we have worked to a 90-seconds video in 4 languages – Italian, English, French and German – which we invite you to watch.

It’s a quick view of what we do and our main products: tipper semitrailers with crane, large volume tipper and moving floor trailers. We made it assembly some videos shooted during our trailers deliveries or received from our customers while working with our semi-trailers. We hope you’ll like it!

The video will be available here on our Blog, in the ABOUT US section of the website, on our YouTube channel in the Playlist dedicated to US and on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin on sharing.

You will also see it at our stand at the IFAT trade fair in Munich.
In Munich we will also have the opportunity to meet in person in the place where all the whole world of recycling and green economy will meet from 30 May to 3 June.
It’s an occasion we look forward to share with all our customers, partner, suppliers and friends.

If you like our video and believe that we manage to tell the story of GERVASI Ecologica in these 90 seconds, please share it and leave us your feedback on our pages.

Talking about our work may pave the way for new projects helpful for recycling waste materials and the circular economy. So, share the video with your contact.

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