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The word LIMIT has been mentioned several times in these pages.

In fact, if you look, it is even on our Blog header!

We truly don’t like limits.

We try to overcome them every day with our tailor-made production, which goes beyond the standards and creates for everyone the most suitable answer for a specific task.

But that’s not all, also our service goes beyond the limits and opens up to different possibilities, such as the one that allows you to have the crane installed by your local dealer, while we take care of designing and producing the semitrailer made for that type of crane (and for that type of job, YOURS!).

This is an alternative solution to the delivery of the complete product, which is particularly suitable for those who already have long-standing relationships with their dealers.

After product and service, we believe it is time for communication!

We can overcome limits also in communication. Limits of language, form and accessibility.

To do that, we have used all the tools that technology makes available to us.

We naturally started from our heart, from what we wanted to tell you because we believe it can help your work.

And then we let ourselves be helped by the two magic letters: AI, Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence supports us in so many fields; we have probably used the simplest tools, but they already enable us to reach you better. When and how you want. On demand!

Thanks to AI we have translated our texts into different languages, then turned them into voices and made them available as audio (or Podcasts to use a more modern language) on new platforms, including Spotify, Spreaker, Google Podcasts and all the main app to listen to music.

So you can listen to us at any time, on the sofa at home, behind the steering wheel of your truck, while eating a sandwich or taking a walk.

There are three contents already available

– ABOUT US, a brief presentation for those who do not know us well

– Semitrailers WITH CRANE

– LARGE VOLUME Semitrailers

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As you know, we never stop……………..


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