The floor is yours!

Balasini rottami

This wonderful picture of our CobraKR at night reminds us that you are the protagonists of our communication. (photo Balasini Rottami)

Words, images and videos are always dedicated to the semi-trailers we produce for you, designed to carry out your work in the best possible way, customised with your company logos and colours.

And the most beautiful contributions, as in this case, come from you, who capture our product in the most significant ways and moments.

So, keep sending us photos and videos, we will be happy to publish and share them 🙂

And we also invite you to share your experience with us, through a review.

On our Google and Facebook profiles you will find the review section. There, you can leave your personal feedback on our production or, if you have not yet tested us personally, on our communication.

The reviews will be published and available for everyone: a valuable source of learning for us and for other users.

Thank you in advance


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