Annual video – 2017

The year which is going to end has been an important one, giving to Gervasi Ecologica the possibility to strengthen a heritage of 40 years’ experience and bring new ideas and energies.
The company celebrated in 2017 the 35th anniversary of the famous semitrailer Canguro and in the same time grew with new people and a renewed leadership.
This combination of events represents a turning point which leads the company to superior levels of excellence for products and service.
The website and the new graphic look of communication tools and social networks demonstrate the company renewal and vitality, always at the forefront of innovations and improvement.
The Dream, the vision of Gervasi Ecologica, is briefly expressed in the communication signature, #MovingEcology means in fact “Moving Ecology beyond the limits of the linear resource use, giving new life to glass, metal scrap, waste and recyclables from industry and farming”.
Gervasi Ecologica works every day to realize this dream and wants to honour in this video all the people who, in 2017, have been working in this same direction.


Gervasi Ecologica – #MovingEcology