Safe unloading at the recycling center

After their great appearance on the pages of Vie & Trasporti magazine, let’s discover our twins of transports in another situation.

Their daily work of loading and (above all) unloading at the collection and recycling centers.

The exact moment when their efficiency, sturdiness and safety are tested.


At their entrance, Maxi Tiger and Skyler bring loads of 80/90 cubic meters of mixed waste, iron, metals, scrap of cars, vessels and everything we use to have all around and which at a certain point is dismissed because obsolete.

Cranes and materials handlers move these bulks in the sorting and recycling centers, the places where they are recovered and recycled, magically re-entering into the economic cycle as secondary raw materials.

The awareness that Maxi Tiger and Skyler start this process, makes us committed to make our trailers perfectly suitable for the role they are called to play, without any compromise in terms of quality, durability and safety.


We all know that unloading operations are awkward for the presence in height of big volumes of materials which are uneven in terms of weight, shape and size.

This is a kind of stress test for the stability of the vehicle. And above all for driver’s safety (particularly for the risk of overturning).

Safety is always at the center of Gervasi Ecologica’s design and research activities. You can see that for example in the special system with two lateral cylinders, which makes Maxi Tiger well balanced during the unloading process.

This is something we have already explored in the section focused on Maxi Tiger and Maxi Tiger KR semi-trailers, and in our article on Safe2Tip, the patented system that stop the system in case of failure.


Even if the above topic has been already addressed, it is always worthwhile to take them up again, in consideration of the importance of safety at work.

But we also work on safety when talking about Skyler, conceived to the purpose of providing operators with a horizontal unloading system, an alternative to tipping and intrinsically free of the risks associated with it.

And then … (since we never give up of looking for new solutions) GEN!O arrived just few months ago, with its special technology that allows to control the semi-trailer and possibly impede dangerous operations.

There will be soon more news about GEN!O, in the meantime let’s discover together how Maxi Tiger and Skyler work!!


>> Ah, if you noticed something strange in the video … it’s just a special effect 😉 we’re not going that far yet !!!!