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Safety has always been one of the issues on which we have most focused our attention.

Partly because the activities carried out with our kind of vehicles always brings some risks related to road transport and handling of large quantities of materials which are different by nature, weight and size.
Partly because we know our customers and know how much important it is safety for them.

As consequence of this approach ten years ago we launched the tipping system with two lateral cylinders, then in 2017 the Safe2Tip patent (link) and in 2020, last but not least, GEN!O.
Alessia Gervasi personally led the project from its early stages, in 2018, when there was not even talk of fiscal incentives (as it is now in Italy) and the benefit was entirely focused on vehicle safety.

It was an innovative project for our sector, where investments in safety and interconnection were only focused on the tractor and on the trailer.
In November 2019, a first kit was presented at Ecomondo and Solutrans in Lyon.

Basically it was composed by a rear camera and sensors that notified the presence of people and / or objects near the trailer with an acoustic signal.
An already important step forward for better control of the working area around the trailer.

But that was not enough, safety also depends on information, on the right maintenance times, on the constant keeping of the vehicle in efficiency. This is why the project went further, enriching the starter kit with new tools, features and access to data via cloud: here is GEN!O.

GEN!O collects and provides data concerning the use of the vehicle and its accessories (crane, top cover), its location and safety devices status.

This makes available information on transport and collection processes and enable ordinary maintenance prediction with a good level of accuracy, avoiding higher costs and above all accidents due to failure of the vehicle or its parts.
The access of all this information and the easy interaction with the vehicle via web (just by logging into a portal with credentials and a secure path) overcomes limits due to specific technological skills or office-working: GEN!O is easy to access for everyone and everywhere.

And, if all this were not enough, the Italian incentives enabled by GEN!O allow you to recover up to 50% of the investment in maximum 3 years as tax credit.

The system is currently operating successfully and upon request is certified with a third-party certification.

In short, with GEN!O you have more information, save money and sleep peacefully!


It’s a kind of magic…