Canguro, THE scrap trailer

semirimorchio per rottame, autodemolizioni e rifiuti

March 1998 – March 2023 and it’s Canguro again!
The first semi-trailer CANGURO that was delivered to this long-standing firm based in Sardinia – a reference in the industrial demolition sector – dates back 25 years. It was 1998 when they first decided to rely on Canguro for the collection and transport of scrap, and it is good to once again find their trust after so many years and after so many kilometres!

But what makes Canguro different from other scrap semi-trailers?
Why is it still so successfull after so many years?

The first word that comes to mind is ROBUSTNESS.
Canguro has become an icon of scrap transport because of its solidity, and this is demonstrated by the many vehicles still on the road after more than twenty years.
But dismantling and recycling companies not only choose the Canguro because it is robust, but also because of its low centre of gravity, which provides greater stability when unloading.
Over time, the gooseneck has become a hallmark of many scrap trailers and is an excellent example of how design can develop the most effective solutions by focusing on a specific type of work, in this case the collection of scrap and ferrous materials.
Dismantlers and scrap yard can have a solution designed for them, and not a semi-trailer generically designed for construction or waste, but a vehicle designed in every detail for their work.

REEL Canguro

We cannot forget another feature of the Canguro: the crane!
Other semi-trailers also exist without the crane, such as the Cobra and Maxi Tiger, which are also chosen for transporting scrap or other waste materials. But Canguro doesn’t, Canguro only exists with the crane mounted at the front of the chassis.
When Sebastiano Gervasi came up with this solution forty years ago, it was a novelty.
A novelty that soon captured the Italian market, where hundreds of vehicles of this type are now on the road.
They may be Marchesi, Epsilon, Jonsered, Kesla or the historic GMC cranes, but the crane is an integral part of the Canguro.
After all, we know, it is not just another accessory. Cranes are highly sophisticated and powerful tools that must be carefully integrated right from the design of the vehicle.

The choice of crane is also an important moment, and our team spends time and attention in dialogue with the customer (and often their driver) to understand their real needs and the most suitable options.
This often involves long talks and email exchanges to define the positions of the controls, the type of seat, the characteristics of the polyp, tarpaulin and much more.

The experience gained over all these years allows us to ask the right questions to highlight the real needs and identify the most suitable solutions.

In the future we will dedicate an article to this topic, in order to provide you with a detailed overview of the characteristics of recycling cranes and their accessories (polyp or grabs, grapples).


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