Answering your why …


Thinking back over the thousands of faces met at the events of these months and the many conversations with new contacts, customers, collaborators and exhibitors, we find one recurring word: why.

The first question, the most natural one, concerns US.
What does Gervasi Ecologica have that other manufacturers do not?

In one word we could say that we are distinguished by our SPECIALISATION.
In fact, Gervasi Ecologica does not manufacture semi-trailers in general, but produces semi-trailers for the collection and transport of waste materials.

The field of action of our vehicles, the type of customer, the problems to be faced are well defined. This is why we easily understand the needs of each one, often managing to come up with innovative solutions first.
Specialisation, after all, has been strongly pursued. Our name itself says it all, Ecologica!

It is for ecology and recycling that we want to work, to build optimal solutions for the collection, transport and recovery of all waste materials, from scrap to glass, paper, wood, plastic and much more.
Those who work with us perceive our passion, which always pushes us forward and makes us approach each new project with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Without limits.

Another recurrent question concerns the type of vehicles exhibited at IFAT: why are semi-trailers with cranes important for recycling?
They are important because they increase collection, make it autonomous and allow materials to be recovered where it would normally be too complicated or expensive.

Of course, a crane on the chassis is not an accessory like many others, its installation requires special technical-productive solutions, but we started from there and this type of vehicle remains our flagship, our core product.

In this context, we are one of the few (or more likely the only) to deal with both the design and construction of such chassis. This basically brings two advantages:
1. It allows us to guarantee the sturdiness and durability of the vehicle, because we perfect each design according to its specific features
2. It allows us to deliver vehicles that can be easily registered throughout Europe, thanks to the European homologation that certifies our production, including vehicles with cranes.

Other questions concern large volume semi-trailers and, last but not least, safety.

Some people seem to favour tractor units rather than semi-trailers.
But why this choice?
It is natural to think that these smaller solutions can be more flexible and sometimes less expensive, but on long routes and large volumes, moving at 40 tons and up to 90 cubic metres can mean reducing costs and emissions and optimising drivers’ management.
Furthermore, when it comes to calculating profitability, having a Gervasi Ecologica semi-trailer with a high-strength steel frame and HB450 hardox body means being able to transport any waste material, even the most wearing such as scrap, without compromising reliability and durability. Because profitability must be assessed by considering the service life of the vehicle and its final residual value, otherwise it is just an illusion.

You need only look at the second-hand vehicle market to verify the value of some of our semitrailers Canguro produced in the late 1990s (i.e. over twenty years ago) and in demand and fully operational still today.

Last but not least, we mentioned safety.

Safety in fact is the basis of everything, there is no value and there is no profit if the vehicle does not operate with maximum safety.
We know very well that handling waste materials is a difficult job that can involve risks for personnel. Extreme caution is required.

That is why we have developed special, sometimes patented, systems to minimise risks.
To name but a few, the two-cylinder side discharge system, the GEN!O device, the door opening system, and many other features.
We will devote an in-depth article to these aspects in the near future, as it is not a subject that can be exhausted in just a few lines.

However, you can already find some references at these links:
> Safe2Tip patented solution for two-cylinder system > LINK
> GEN!O interconnection kit, for monitoring semitrailer devices > LINK
> Rear door opening system, with lateral pneumatic control and automatic suspension deflation > LINK
And then acoustic sensor kit and video control, for monitoring the area surrounding the unloading, and much more.

Keep following us to find all the answers to your whys, unless you want to submit them to us in person by contacting us or visiting us at the company 🙂


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